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Platform for maintenance of rail vehicles / buses

Enables comfortable and safe work on the roof of vehicles. It is also possible to use the lower platform of the product, which enables work also on the lower parts of the vehicle without the need to move it. The combination of steel base and aluminium frame makes the product extremely stable and durable at low weight. Special wheels with roller bearings for easy transport. The wheels can be equipped with 2 or 3 rollers to prevent “falling into and wedging into” the gap between the rail and the floor. The gentle angle of inclination of the stairs allows comfortable ascent and descent – also with the back to the stairs if the inclination of the stairs is below 45 degrees.

The floor of the platform is made of non-slip corrugated sheet metal, optionally it can be made of steel grate, plastic (GRP) or perforated profile of any shape of perforation.

Elements that can touch the vehicle are covered with foam that effectively protects it from damage.