Anti-slip stair tread covers

Built on a 4mm profile made of fibreglass and polyester resin Slip-preventing grit coating has a density of 16 grains/cm2
• 3200 x 250 x 55 mm or 3200 x 350 x 55 mm | thickness: 4 mm |


  • leightweight
  • resistant to weat and chemicals, impervious to environmental conditions
  • easy and quick installation
  • can be installed on all kinds of surfaces (concentrate, metal, wood, stone, plastic, industrial gratings)
  • easy to maintain
  • meet the most stringent quality and OHS standards required by the EU and Polish law

The anti-slip surface consists of refined aluminium oxide grit-coating (corundum) with a durability comparable to that of industrial-grade diamond. The size can be adjusted to the usage conditions. The anti-slip grit-coating is applied to the surface produced using the GRP technology. It is a special mixture of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre.