Pultruded stair treads

Are leightweight and durable products that are easy to fabricate and install, placing no excessive load on the existing structures. They make a perfect combination with the GRP sections to form stairways or platform entries. The stair treads are also available with a yellow edge nosing option that provides both extra safety and additional tread reinforcement.

Trade height (mm): 30 / 38
Trade size (mm): 997×225 / 997×275 / 1200×235 / 1220×275 / tailor-made to client’s requirements


  • leightweight
  • resistant to weat and chemicals, impervious to environmental conditions
  • easy and quick installation
  • can be installed on all kinds of surfaces (concentrate, metal, wood, stone, plastic, industrial gratings)
  • easy to maintain
  • meet the most stringent quality and OHS standards required by the EU and Polish law

The anti-slip surface consists of refined aluminium oxide grit-coating (corundum) with a durability comparable to that of industrial-grade diamond. The size can be adjusted to the usage conditions. The anti-slip grit-coating is applied to the surface produced using the GRP technology. It is a special mixture of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre.