SCAFFOLD TOWERS 75×160 cm and 75×180 cm without folding frame

Safe, mobile towers for work at height. Many types of construction, can be performed on the tower, maintenance painting and finishing works.

Light structure and quick assembly and disassembly without the use of tools. The tower is made of an aluminum pipe with a diameter of 50 mm. It consists of frames (0.75 × 2.0 m) – easy to install.

They have new stainless steel joints without welds, which increases the stiffness of the mobile tower by 50% and doubles its service life.

We work on a very safe working platform mounted on hooks. The platforms are secured with wooden toe boards.

The towers are easy to move with the use of durable, good-quality, non-marking 125 mm polyamide wheels covered with polyurethane.

The scaffolding elements are corrosion resistant. The maximum load is 180-200 kg.


Note: The kit for working on the stairs for the S160-54 model, if it is not possible to set the stabilizers, use an anchoring.


Note: Stair kit for model S180-54 if it is not possible to set the stabilizers, use anchors.



kit stairs top flex

Technical specifications: