Super professional aluminium ladder with 13 cm rung

Ladder that guarantees comfort and sturdiness

  • available from 3 to 12 rungs
  • maximum load capacity: 150 kg
  • maximum working height 4,6 m
  • it passes the stress test of more than 50.000 EN 131-1 working cycles
  • each ladder is provided with the conformity and testing certificate

Resistance, sturdiness and safety

  • step fastening system with aviation technology
  • double rear stabilizing crossbar to avoid side skidding
  • oversized non-slip pads for different types of flooring
  • wide uprights in anodized aluminium
  • for a more comfortable and safe use, you can add the optional armrests (code BRLADY1,BRLADY2, BRLADY3)
  • worktop made of non-slip pressed steel


  • comfortable 13 cm non-slip rung
  • a large storage bag allows the operator to work comfortably, having everything within reach
  • ergonomic handrail for a firm grip and additional support in height
  • when closed it takes up little space, easy to store everywhere


A esthetically designed ladder, exquisitely refined with smooth contours and rounded edges. The side uprights, meticulously constructed from anodized aluminum, remain pristine, ensuring your hands stay clean even during tasks that demand meticulous attention to hygiene, such as installing curtains.



Technical specifications: