Aluminium telescopic ladders with stabilizer

SUPER TELES is the professional telescopic ladder that provides 4 usage patterns: expanded, A-frame, stairway or divided into 3 different ladders.

  • available as 8+8 and 12+12 rungs
  • maximum load capacity 150 kg
  • maximum working height 6,5 m
  • complies with the safety work criteria of L.D. n.81
  • it passes the stress test of more than 50.000 working cycles
  • each ladder is provided with the conformity and testing certificate


Resistance, sturdiness and safety
Faraone telescopic ladders have been designed with specific retention points that guarantee resistance and sturdiness keeping a lightweight structure.

  • step fastening system with aviation technology
  • oversized non-slip pads for different types of flooring
  • larger bottom part than normal telescopic ladders for greater stability
  • safety ergonomic handle for hooking/unhooking and extend the lader
  • external uprights reinforced with special brackets to ensure greater resistance in the overlapping area of the ladder
  • ergonomic safety handles made of resistant fiberglass nylon for hooking/unhooking and extension of the ladder, designed with a spring system that guarantees the duration of movability over time
  • eeinforcing girders at the bottom to prevent the uprights from bending when pushed sideways
  • bottom extenders, built according to the EN 131 -4 standards, guarantee greater stability and are removable to reduce overall dimensions
  • to ensure greater stability, you can add optional foldable stabilizers (code STA-SUPERTELES).
  • the stabilizers are fundamental according to the EN 131-4 standard for working heights above 3 meters. Those supplied by Faraone are foldable to save space when not in use.
  • according to L.D. n.81 (Article 113 letter C), to be safe, leaning ladders must be anchored in the upper or lower part. We report what is written in letter C of article 113: “The feet of portable ladders must be prevented from slipping during use by securing the uprights at or near their upper or lower ends, by any anti-slip device or by any other arrangement of equivalent effectiveness.”
  • the patented locking system allows you to secure the ladder in the desired position:
    • A-frame position, with end stop and protection against accidental closing;
    • A-frame position, with end stop and closing without protection;
  • Extended position with end stop and protection against accidental closing.



  • 3-way programmable hinge
  • when closed, it takes up little space (21 cm) and is easy to move around
  • possibility of adding the armrest with a 15 cm rung (code BRTELES) for a safer grip and to increase the working height by 60 cm. Attachable to all rungs.





super teles

Technical specifications: