Safe working platform with side stabilizers

  • available from 3 to 5 rungs
  • maximum load capacity 150 kg
  • maximum working height 4,3 m
  • produced according to EN 131-1 European standard. It passes the lateral tilting test becoming a safe working platform.
  • it passes the stress test of more than 50.000 working cycles

Resistance, sturdiness and safety

  • the comfortable non-slip worktop, made of knurled aluminum (50x59cm), provides the operator with a large working space
  • the telescopic stabilizer allows perfect levelling of the ladder also in the stairway version
  • the safety system allows easy access and ensures a safe working space
  • anti-accidental opening system
  • fitted with armrest safety lock
  • ergonomic safety handles for hooking/unhooking and extension of the aluminium lader
  • wide aluminium uprights
  • greater stability thanks to the reinforcing girders at the edges

• a large storage bag allows the operator to work comfortably, having everything within reach
• convenient and quick displacement thanks to the rear wheels
• foldable stabilizers and compact size help an easy transportation




Technical specifications:


Spare parts: